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ZILGME – wash up liquid with bacteriostatic properties 5 L

Wash up liquid with bacteriostatic properties ZILGME. Foaming disinfectant for dishes, cutlery, various surfaces and preventive disinfectants. Designed for manual washing. No perfume composition. Concentrated product: 

  • does not contain fragrances
  • disinfectant active ingredient Triclosan
  • working solution concentration 0.6%
  • Exposure time 5 min
  • pH is neutral

Usage: Working solution concentration 0,6%. Exposure time 5 min. The interval between the use of the biocidal product, continuous exposure, 24 hours or according to the program of washing and disinfection. After use, rinse with water or wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

Ingredients: anionic surfactants ≥ 5% <15%, 5-chloro-2- (4-chlorophenoxy) phenol 0.3%

Capacity: 5 L
Package: 1 gab
Palette: 72 gab
Barcode: 4750104306763
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