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VICI – Cleaning product for very dirty FLOORS

VICI Cleaning product for very dirty FLOORS

Detergent for very dirty floors with eucalyptus scent. Suitable for cleaning very dirty, moisture resistant floors and for VICI floor polish removal. Perfect for washing by hand and in floor cleaning machines.

Recommended dosage: 90 ml (3 caps) per 10 l of water.

Use concentrated product to remove specific stains, footwear lines.

For removal of accumulated flooring polish layers:

  • apply the product to the floor evenly (~30 ml (1 caps) per 1 m2);
  • allow to act for 3-5 minutes;
  • do not allow to dry out;
  • large floor areas should be treated gradually;
  • wash the floor using water;
  • repeat the sequence if necessary.

If there is doubt regarding product suitability of the particular floor, test the product on a inconspicious location.

Ingredients: non-ionic surfactants < 5%, perfume (Limonene), Methylisothiazolinone, Benzisothiazolinone

Capacity: 500ml
Package: 10 pieces
Palette: 800 pieces
Barcode: 4750104354528
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