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Shoe creams with the brand VICI is a prooduct with the most ancient history in Spodriba produkts. Activity of the company has started just with manufacturing of shoe creams. In the course of time the manufacturer has adjusted the shoe cream to the modern consumer’s needs. Shoe creams VICI are provided for cleaning and polishing of the natural and artificial leather footwear. The product contains lanolin which efficiently protects the footwear against humidity, thereby prolonging the service life of footwear which is very important in the Latvian conditions. VICI shoe cream ensures preventive protection against salt corrosion. The cream masks abrasions and provides gloss to the shoes. Composition of the cream is made on the water base, therefore special products for its removal are not necessary.

VICI – black shoe cream with lanolin

Shoe cream for cleaning and polishing of leather and leather substitute shoes. Due to the silicone and lanolin included in »

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