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ECO Bathroom

Cleaner for all types of sanitary facilities and surfaces (tiles, shower stalls, water taps, mixers, sinks, acrylic surfaces, baths). Environmentally friendly product for your home, family and nature. Effective against limestone deposits, as well as soap scum.

Usage: Spray cleaner on the surface, then gently wipe it off and, if necessary, rinse. For cleaning especially long-lasting stains leave it to work for 5 min. Recommended dosage five spraying times per 1m2. The product is not intended for large scale cleaning. Proper dosage saves costs and minimizes environmental impacts. Do not mix different cleaners.

Ingredients: non-ionic surfactants <5%, perfume

Capacity: 780 ml
Package: 8 pieces
Palette: 576 pieces
Barcode: 4750104000432
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