What are advantages of the liquid laundry detergents in comparison with powders?

Advantages of the liquid laundry detergents as compared to the powders are as follows:

  •  The liquid laundry detergents completely dissolve in water, therefore they do not accumulate in the textile fibres. While using the laundry washing powder it often does not dissolve completely and is not rinsed from the textile fibres during the washing cycle, thereby causing skin irritation.
  •  The liquid laundry detergents are not dusty during their use, thereby, they do not cause the risk of unnecessary allergic reaction while dosing the product.
  •  Products have favourable effect on the washing machine because they are made on the water base and do not contain hard ballast substances which may accumulate in the washing machine.
  •  The liquid laundry detergents are completely water-soluble, therefore they have higher efficiency.