Frequently asked questions

What are advantages of the liquid laundry detergents in comparison with powders?

Advantages of the liquid laundry detergents as compared to the powders are as follows:  The liquid laundry detergents completely dissolve »

Does Spodriba manufacture all its products in Latvia?

 Spodriba manufactures 99% of its products with the brand “Seal” in Latvia. Production buildings and management structures of the company »

After how many days it is possible to eat spice plants from the household planting bed if they are watered by Vito?

 By assuming that housewives rinse the spice plants in drinking water before use by observing the daily hygiene, it is »

Does the bath needle extract have therapeutical properties?

If the product is positioned as a cosmetic product in the market instead of pharmaceutical (medical) product, a manufacturer shall »

Will the VICI footwear cream protect footwear from salt corrosion in winter?

Vici footwear cream provides preventive protection against the salt corrosion. VICI footwear cream has leather-caring and protecting properties. The cream »

Which of the shops sells the widest assortment of Spodriba?

The widest assortment of the products of Spodriba may be found in the shops DEPO” and “K-rauta”.