A new product line SEAL ECO FOR NATURE

Head of Quality and development department Inese Vilka provides a brief insight in the basic criteria of development of the product line formulas

Basic criteria of development of SEAL ECO FOR NATURE products in accordance with the ecological criteria set by the EU official eco-label “Ecoflower”:

  1.  The environmental impact of these products is evaluated – the lasting impact of the product toxicity has been determined in numbers (CDV hron).
  2.  Selection of the washing agents has been limited and well-considered in the formulas – surfactants meet the requirements of aerobic and anaerobic biodegradability.
  3. Very low concentration of the added preservative in the products – the product contains preservative only with the aim to provide its microbiological stability and is added in a minimum allowable dose to achieve this aim.
  4.  Very low concentration of the added perfume composition in the products (0.02%). The perfumr composition is added with an aim not only to provide pleasant background aroma to the products during their use, but also practically exclude potential allergy risk from the perfume at the same time. The perfume composition added to the products is made according to very limiting criteria in relation to its components. The product does not contain perfumes in the composition of which there are nitromusks and polycyclic musks.
  5. The product does not contain raw materials which are classified with important hazard phrases, including the hazard phrases the meaning of which is as follows: can cause allergic skin reaction, may cause allergy or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled, as well as the raw materials are classified as toxic, cancerogenic, mutagen, harmful for the reproductive system, etc. (All the set requirements related to all the substances or mixtures included in the composition of the product have been met (also to preservatives and perfumes), the mass proportion of which in the composition of the finished product constitutes more than 0.010%).
  6. The product formulas are made in such a way so that after the cleaning-washing (usage) properties the products were equal or better than the market leaders.
  7. The packaging of the products is recyclable. All requirements relating to the packaging are met.
  8.  The proportion of the packaging mass and product capacity has been observed.

On the basis of the development concept of these products, SEAL ECO FOR NATURE product line has obtained the right to place the labels “Latvian Asthma and Allergy Association recommends” on the product packaging.