To honour companies that sees industrial property protection systems benefits and long-term competitiveness, the Patent Board of the Republic of Latvia and the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) in 2013 have established the award “THE TRADE MARK OF THE YEAR”.

Image of Latvia are created by businessman, who foster Latvias business development and popularize Latvians goods and utilities. The purpose of the award „TRADE MARK OF THE YEAR” is to foster Latvia business environment development and to create deeper understanding about necessity of industrial property protection.  

On the 26 th of April –  on Worlds Intellectual Property day, in Patent Board office was held „TRADE MARK OF THE YEAR” award ceremony. JSC SPODRĪBA with ecological house cleaning and detergent product line  „Eco Seal for Nature” was recognized as „TRADE MARK OF THE YEAR – FOR THE WORLD”.

For the award in total there were submitted one hundred trademarks that were registered in 2012. The award recipients were identified, taking into account the vote of the Patent Board web site results (50%), as well as the Patent Board members and representatives of the LCCI jury voting (50%). Award for “THE TRADEMARK – LATVIA” received Ltd. “Enogam” hygiene goods “Magone”.

ECO SEAL FOR NATURE” product line includes 9 ecological washing and cleaning products: ECO laundry universal, ECO laundry colour, ECO laundry black, ECO dish wash balm, ECO universal, ECO bathroom, ECO floor, ECO WC and ECO cream soap.  All “ECO SEAL FOR NATURE” products are free for phosphates, dyes, allergens and other harmful additives, washing substances decompose biologically. The new products are concentrated and highly effective; therefore it reduces usage and is therefore better for the environment.

 On the March of 2013 „Eco Seal for Nature” product line dishwashing detergents received EU „Ecolabel” certificate, that can be received only by highest quality  eco products. Step by step all other  9 products (ECO universal, ECO bathroom, ECO floor, ECO WC, ECO laundry universal, ECO laundry colour, ECO laundry black, ECO cream soap un ECO soap) will be applied  “EU Ecolabel” certificate.