New ECO SEAL FOR NATURE products, created to care…

JSC “SPODRIBA” is the first manufacturer in the Baltic States, who have initiated production of ecological cleaning and cosmetic products. We have managed to combine eco-friendly composition with the properties, which make ECO SEAL FOR NATURE line products to be a reliable and effective assistant in your home. These new products are a step towards a way of modern and green thinking – they do not contain colorants, phosphates, allergens and unnecessary preservatives.

JSC “SPODRIBA” is the biggest and oldest cleaning and cosmetics manufacturers in Latvia. The company has an experience of more than 90 years and has successfully developed the products which play an important role in many customer homes. JSC “SPODRIBA” works for quality and environmental management standards that ensure raw material and ready product effective control, as well as high product safety and quality. According to today’s customers’ needs and variable desires the manufacturer develops innovative product formulas and implements new products. JSC “SPODRIBA” products by their quality and price are competitive with the market leaders

 Developing the green thinking within the company JSC “SPODRIBA” became clearer that they must take the first step and be the first in the Baltics who will offer ecological washing and cleaning products to their customers. To recognize the products in all European Union (EU), it was decided to follow the official EU Eco label “Ecoflower” ecological criteria in their development. They certify the product compliance to the highest environmental standards. The products are environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle – from production to disposal.


 JSC “SPODRIBA” new ECO SEAL FOR NATURE product line includes 9 ecological washing and cleaning products: ECO laundry universal, ECO laundry color, ECO laundry black, ECO dish wash balm, ECO universal, ECO bathroom, ECO floor, ECO WC and ECO cream soap. ECO SEAL FOR NATURE production covers a responsible choice of a raw materials, assessment of product environmental impact and activity testing. New products do not contain phosphates, colorants, allergens and other harmful additives, contains biodegradable surfactants. New washing and cleaning products are concentrated and high effective, that reduces usage costs and impact on environment. The product formulas are created to exclude the feasible allergy risk; it is approved by the Latvian Asthma and Allergy Association.

  All ECO SEAL FOR NATURE products are biodegradable and do not contain phosphates and other environmentally unfriendly substances. JSC company ir manufacturing company in Latvia, thats why in collaboration with World Wildlife Found, we want to pay attention to protection of Baltic sea. We have decided to donate 1 santim for each ECO SEAL FOR NATURE sold product for cleaner Baltic sea.


  • Safe products for people and the environment
  • Contain no phosphates, colorants, allergens and other harmful additives
  • The risk for allergies is practically excluded
  • The products are approved by Latvian Asthma and Allergy Association
  • Concentrated, with high efficacy
  • Economical – requires only a little product to get a good result
  • Contains biodegradable surfactants
  • Environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle – from manufacturing to disposal
  • Packaging is recyclable and reusable
  • Comply with the “Ecoflower” ecological criteria
  • In collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund from each sold product one santim is donated for the protection of the Baltic Sea.

 By choosing ECO SEAL FOR NATURE you take care of your family, home and the environment.