JSC SPODRĪBA expands VITO liquid fertilizer assortment

Parallel to already well known VITO liquid fertilizers VITO 1, VITO 2, VITO 3, VITO 4, VITO Calcium, VITO Strawberries, VITO Tomatoes un VITO Orchids  this year JSC „SPODRĪBA” expands assortment.

We offer new products – VITO Flowers 500  ml;  VITO Flowers 5 L , VITO Cucumbres 500ml;  VITO Cucumbres1,5 L, VITO Coniferous plants 1,5 L.  As well, in new volumes and new packaging there are available  VITO complete fertilizer for vegetables and flowers 500ml  and VITO Tomatoes1,5 L.

Vito liquid fertilizers are made on the basis of the made soil research, especially for LATVIAN climatic and agrochemical conditions. The amount and quality of harvest is determined by the deficit element. VITO is made as a well-balanced fertilizer which contains all the necessary elements for growing of the plant within a long term. Microelements in the fertilizer are in the form of chelates which make them easy to take for plants. VITO liquid mineral fertilizers are suitable for feeding plants through roots and leaves in the open or closed areas for additional fertilizing of plants and harvesting plants. Liquid fertilizers are very convenient for use because the bottle cork also serves as a measured container.