JSC “SPODRIBA” celebrates the 90th anniversary

The factory ”SPODRIBA” the products of which are known also with the brand “Seal”, celebrates the 90th anniversary this year. ”SPODRIBA” is the largest and oldest manufacturer of household chemicals in Latvia, its products are found in each home. Upon celebration the 90th anniversary the product line has been made a new label –

“With love from Latvia”.

 “The label “With love from Latvia” symbolizes successful experience amassed during 90 years in the market of household chemicals and trust gained from customers. By the product line label „“With love from Latvia” we wish to provide a special anniversary feeling for all users of “Spodriba” products,” Marketing Manager of JSC “SPODRIBA” Inga Riekstiņa tells.

 “Currently, “Spodriba” is the stablest manufacturer of household chemicals in Latvia which offers a high quality, environmentally and human-friendly assortment of products by taking into account customers’ wishes and needs. Being abreast of time increasingly more products are made in the company and prescriptions of the already existing products are improved. All the products included in the company portfolio are manufactured in Latvia. “Favourableness of the offered products to their consumers and environment is important,” Inga Riekstiņa tells.

The most popular products manufactured by “Spodribas” and most purchased by customers are washing liquid “Kastanis”, dish washing product “Zilgme”, complete plant fertilizer “Vito”, footwear and floor cleaning product “Vici”. Very popular products among customers are also cleaning pasta “Spodra”, spray cleaning products of “Seal” line, hand and foot cremes “Vita”, “Auza” and “Smiltsērkšķis”.

In parallel with the already existing stability in the local market it is planned to actively work in the framework of the further activity, so that to expand the positions in the Baltic countries. Currently, the finished products of “Spodriba” is exported to Lithuania, Estonia, Iceland, Russia and Ukraine. “By drawing attention to development of export, active cooperation with Russia has been started which is a very perspective market in our opinion. “The most important event of the last weeks is the fact that we have obtained the certificated recognized in the Russian market and 80% of products of the entire retail assortment of the company. ” Inga Riekstiņa specifies.

 “Spodriba” plans to expand the assortment of products also in the future Arī, sell new products and services, maintain quality and promote development of production. It should also be noted that all products manufactured by “Spodriba” are biodegradable.

Inga Riekstiņa reminds that the dawn of “Spodriba” dates back to 1921 when a production unit of footwear creams “Mednis and partners” /“Mednis un biedri”/ was established in Riga. In 1941, the chemical factory SPODRIBA was established by merger of several factories. In 1960, the production unit was moved to Dobele where a new production unit and administration building were built in the territory of the old mill. In 1974, “Spodriba” was a part of the Soviet company “Sojuzbithim”. “Spodriba” was able to supply not only the Latvian market, bust also 80% of the manufactured products wer sent to the wide UUSR market were such products as ‘’Kastanis’’, ‘’Vici’’, “Spodra” and many others were very popular already at that time.

 In 1996, “Spodriba” was completely privatized and its full name was JSC “Chemical factory “Spodriba”. In May 2006, all shares of “Spodriba” purchased investors from Iceland. The decision to buy the factory was made after thorough research of the company activity by seeing wide development opportunities of the company. The investors from Iceland see development of “Spodriba” in the international context and plans to promote identification of the company in both; Russia, and Scandinavia.

 “In 2007, “Spodriba” started to sell its products with a new logotype “Seal”, which has always been a symbol of water, cleanness and virgin land. ” Inga Riekstiņa specifies.

The products of JSC “SPODRIBA” in Latvia are possible to buy in the firm’s shop in Dobele, Dzirnavu Street 1, as well asi n the best Latvian shops.