“Eco Flower” awarded to production of JSC Spodrība

In September 2012 JSC Spodrība commenced production of a new product line ECO SEAL FOR NATURE.

To ensure that the products are known in the whole European Union (EU), the management of AS Spodrība decided to apply ecological criteria set by the official ecolabelling of the EU “EU Ecolabel” to the development of ECO SEAL FOR NATURE product line and gradually perform certification of these products. “EU Ecolabel” is an acknowledgement that the products comply with the highest environmental standards. Products are environmentally friendly during the whole their life cycle – starting with production until they become waste.

Currently “EU Ecolabel” labelling certificate has been issued for five JSC Spodrība products of ECO SEAL for NATURE product line – ECO dishwash liquid (registration No. LV/19/01002), ECO dishwash balm (registration No. LV/19/01001), ECO soap (registration No. LV/30/01001), ECO creamsoap (registration No. LV/30/01001), and ECO WC (registration No. LV/020/01001). 



JSC Spodrība Quality Director Mrs I. Vilka explains why it is important to choose products with internationally verified labelling: “If labelling of a product contains any of the international, official product labelling marks, for example, “Eco Flower”, “Swan”, “ECOCERT” etc., it serves as a true verification and guarantee for these products complying with the “eco” status. For the producer to obtain rights to place the official labelling on a product, a certification procedure has to be completed and a set of criteria must be met, including requirements for the contents of a product, packaging, product use (or cleaning / washing) characteristics.In Latvia, European ecolabelling awarding and monitoring is controlled by the Environment State Bureau (ESB).

If there is no such official labels on a product but the product labelling contains information about “eco”, user cannot be sure whether the product complies with the true eco status and it cannot be known on what basis a producer has placed the eco labelling on a product.

Washing / cleaning abilities of the ecological cleaning agents are better or the same compared to market leaders in the whole sector of the household chemicals (not only “eco”). During the process of awarding “Eco Flower”, efficiency of these products is tested at accredited, independent laboratories. Only after receiving a positive opinion, a producer is entitled to apply for “Eco Flower” or other official label. Therefore producers of “eco” products have to perform careful research and analysis of raw materials, level of biological degradation has to be tested already during the development process, as well as such formulae of “eco” products have to be developed that are able to clean as good or better than market leaders in certain product groups.

For a producer to implement a scheme of the EU labelling, a company has to complete a comprehensive, time-consuming and expensive recognition process. Product testing to determine their cleaning / washing efficiency is expensive. Producers have to be aware of registration expenses and purchase of a licence. Another important factor is company’s certification and performance in line with the requirements of environment standard ISO 14000 that impacts all daily processes of a company as regards a responsible attitude towards the environment. Product development in line with the official ecological criteria is an expensive process, products are concentrated consequently impacting also proce of a product.