Consumers ask about the new product line “ECO SEAL FOR NATURE”

Referring to the consumers’ interest about the new product line “ECO SEAL FOR NATURE” of JSC “SPODRIBA”, Head of Quality and development department Inese Vilka answers to the consumers’ questions and explains that “we position “the universal washing agent as eco” by emphasizing harmlessness of both; this agent, and all the rest products of this line.”

“ECO SEAL FOR NATURE” product line is environmentally-friendly, formulas are elaborated very advisedly, and particular criteria are observed in their elaboration. The basis of their elaboration are guidelines of the ecological criteria set by the EU official eco-label “Ecoflower” by taking into account both; selection of appropriate raw materials (including surfactants), evaluation of the environmental impact of products and testing their effect. The new products do not contain phosphates, pigments, allergens and other harmful additives. Their washing substances are biodegradable. Detergents and cleaning agents are concentrated and highly efficient which reduce their usage costs and environmental impact. They confirm the conformity of the goods with the highest environmental standards. The products are environmentally-friendly within their entire life-cycle – from production to waste disposal.


There is a great amount of various surfactants in the world and raw material turnover, therefore, adequate possibilities of choice for each manufacturer are sufficiently wide. JSC “SPODRIBA” has made the choice of surfactants to be included in the products of the particular ECO line with a great sense of responsibility by carefully analysing the detailed information provided by the raw material manufacturers and confirmation on anaerobic and aerobic degradation degree of surfactants, as well as calculated the lasting effect of critical dilution volume toxicity for each product. Such surfactants as alkylbenzene sulphonate (LAS), alkilphenoletoxilates (APEO)) are not used by JSC “SPODRIBA”  in ANY of its products (especially ECO products)

 We can not undertake responsibility for a product making concept of other manufacturers but the conceptual direction of JSC “SPODRIBA” is “a company which is safe for environment and a person”.

To obtain more detailed information we recommend to visit the home page of the EU official eco-label “Ecoflower”, where it is possible to acquaint oneself with product groups and their manufacturing criteria in detail.

Thank you for your questions! Your opinion is important for us, therefore, we will be glad about your questions, recommendations and suggestions. If you have asked us a question our specialists will clarify that and contact you!