“Chemical factory”is deleted in the name of JSC SPODRĪBA

JSC “Chemical factory “Spodriba”” has made changes in the name of the organization. The new name is JSC “SPODRIBA”. “The name of the company has become shorter and we have deleted the words “chemical factory” because they characterized the company in an imprecise way,” Procuration Holder of informē JSC SPODRIBA Baiba Megre – Ansviesule informs.

 “The reason for a change of the name of the company is our wish to emphasize the set priority of the company – an environmentally-friendly company characterized by activity of the company pursuant to the environmental management standard ISO 14001 from 2004, respectively well-considered selection of raw materials, development of a new EKO product line with which our customers will soon be acquainted. Therfore we think that the part of the name “Chemical factory” imprecisely characterizes the basic principles of our activity,” Baiba Megre – Ansviesule writes in the letter to customers and cooperation partners.

Change of the name of the company will not require any additional activities from the cooperation partners. All the contracts and agreements concluded with JSC “Chemical factory “Spodriba”” shall be in force. The registration number, registered Office, bank account numbers, executive institutions of the company and requisites will be the previous ones.

 Baiba Megre – Ansviesule adds that these changes will affect customers even less because the products of the company is distributed with the brand “Seal”. “Yes, there was the name of Spodriba on the labels, as well, but already since 2007, by taking into account international markets, Spodriba started to sell its products with a new brand “Seal” meaning the animal seal which has always been a symbol of water, cleanness and virgin land,” Baiba Megre – Ansviesule specifies.

 Favourableness of the offered products to their consumers and environment is very important for us. It is set as the basic strategy of the company,” Baiba Megre – Ansviesule emphasizes.

 Currently, Spodriba is the largest and stablest manufacturer of household chemicals in Latvia which offers high quality and environmentally and human-friendly assortment of products by taking into account customers’ wishes and needs. Since May 2006, all shares of Spodriba have been purchased by investors from Iceland who see development of the company in the international context and plan to promote its identification in both; CIS countries, and Scandinavia.

The most popular products manufactured by Spodriba and most purchased by customers are liquid washing product “Kastanis”, dish washing product “Zilgme”, complete plant fertilizer “Vito”, footwear and floor cleaning product “Vici”. Very popular products among customers are also cleaning pasta “Spodra”, spray cleaning products of “Seal” line, hand and foot cremes “Vita”, “Auza” and “Smiltsērkšķis”.