Campaign „For Cleaner Baltic Sea” that was organized by JSC SPODRĪBA collaborating with World Wildlife Foundation has finished.

New ECO SEAL FOR NATURE products are a step towards a way of modern and green thinking – they do not contain colorants, phosphates, allergens and unnecessary preservatives. In order to get recognition for these products in the European Union (EU), it was decided to follow the official EU Ecolabel ecological criteria in their development. They certify the product compliance to the highest environmental standards. These products are environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle – from production to disposal.

JSC “SPODRĪBA” decided to collaborate with the World Wildlife Foundation, when the new ecological product line was created. SPODRĪBA decided to donate one santim from each ECO SEAL FOR NATURE product was sold for cleaner Baltic Sea. The purpose of this campaign was to turn society’s attention to the protection of the Baltic Sea.  Every customer who has bought ECO SEAL FOR NATURE products during this year has also donated something for the Baltic Sea.

JSC SPODRĪBA has realized its responsibilities and has defined its attitude towards environment and human wealth – that’s the main reason why ECO SEAL FOR NATURE product line was developed. Within this campaign we invited customers to be responsible for the choices they make. Humans are a part of the nature and there is a constant interaction between nature and us. All detergents that we use, arrive in groundwater and they leak further to rivers, seas and oceans, while those are home for many different water organisms, which sooner or later can become a part of our meals. Everything is strongly connected and all of our actions affect our wealth in the future.

JSC SPODRĪBA director Baiba Megre says: „We truly believe that our company is able to change society’s minds and we are urging them to make wise decisions, thinking about the long term investment in their health and environment protection.”

World Wildlife Foundation representative Ingus Purgalis is pleased and grateful after this campaign: „We thank JSC SPODRĪBA, as well as each and every ECO SEAL FOR NATURE customer for supporting the World Wildlife Foundation Sea program.  Large part of the Baltic Sea is already dead – it is replete with algae and sea is transforming to be a place, which is unsuitable for living. The cause of this is excessive pollution. About 20% of the pollution is caused by household waste, which consist of phosphates. That’s why we are glad about each enterprise that realizes its effect on the ecosystem and is ready to create a new, environment friendly product.”1santims

JSC “SPODRIBA” is the first manufacturer in the Baltic States, who have started producing ecological cleaning and cosmetic products. We have managed to combine eco-friendly composition with the qualities, which make ECO SEAL FOR NATURE line products as a reliable and effective assistant in your home.


SC “SPODRIBA” new ECO SEAL FOR NATURE product line includes 9 ecological washing and cleaning products: ECO laundry universal, ECO laundry colour, ECO laundry black, ECO dish wash balm, ECO universal, ECO bathroom, ECO floor, ECO WC and ECO cream soap.