One of SPODRIBA basic values is manufacturing of high quality and environmentally-friendly products. In order to provide a high and stable quality product in the market turnover, Quality and development department has been established in the company which works in five fields:

1.  Field: development of products

The basic principle of product development is a high and stable quality product for a competitive price, which is equally friendly for both; environment and a person.

In order to ensure that, product development includes responsible selection of raw materials, environmental assessment of products, testing conformity of the product effect, laboratorial tests for product quality assessment in several stages: physically-chemical and microbiological testing, stability testing by determining a period of use of the product, express-tests.

The basis of all products is high quality demineralized water which is prepared in the equipment EUROWATER installed in the company. Thereby, drinking water treatment of 3-level artesian well is performed: iron removal, softening and impact with UV lamp to ensure microbiological stability.

The competitive price is ensured by setting optimization of well-considered production costs as a priority without allowing derogations in the quality requirements of the raw materials of the products.

2. Field: selection of raw materials

The basic principle regarding selection of raw materials are high, stable, verified quality raw materials from the companies in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Germany, Scandinavian countries, etc., which are well-known in Europe.

In order to ensure that, continuous cooperation with suppliers is maintained ny following the novelties in the raw material market, price fluctuations and quality of the raw materials.

3.  Field: quality control

Quality control is ensured by the company laboratory which controls the incoming raw materials and packings, tests conformity of physical and chemical parameters of each batch of products and ensures strict control of the technological processes. Quality of the finished products is also cotrolled within the entire warranty and storage period.

4.  Field: quality and environmental management systems

Since 2005, a certified quality management system has been developed and implemented in Spodriba pursuant to the standard ISO 9001:2008. By implementing the quality management system in the company all the possible processes were surveyed which affect delivery of a high quality end product to a customer. In the framework of ISO 9001 system the electronic register of internal and external problems is established in the company which allows to perform the required adjustment measures quicker and more effectively to prevent the open problems.  A certified ISO 9001 system characterizes care taken by the company of the customer safety which does not allow delivery of a non-quality product to a consumer.

Since 2004, a certified environmental management system has been developed and implemented in Spodriba pursuant to the standard ISO 14001:2004. Upon introducing the environmental management system in the company, the total environmental impact of the company activity was evaluated, as well as an action plan developed on its gradual and systematic reduction.

Since 2015, integrated management system has been re-sertificated in Spodrība according to the new version of international standard ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 requirements.

Ensuring of successful functioning of the ISO standards in all output, production and sale processes of products is tha basis of efficient, systematic and successful total progress of the company by trying to reduce the unfavourable environmental impact of the company activity at the same time.

5.  Field: cooperation

  •  With other accredited laboratories in testing particular effect properties of a new product, as well as dermatological evaluation of cosmetic products.
  •  With private trademark holders by executing contract orders in the framework of full production cycle by ensuring quality conformity of an end product.
  •  With the Association of Latvian Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry (LAKIFA) the member of which is Spodriba, as well.
  •  With state institutions and local authorities.