Spodrība ražošana

Spodriba operates in accordance with requirements of the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and observes the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the manufacturing of cosmetics.

Thanks to qualified specialists, ensured quality control process in all manufacturing stages of the product, carefully developed product preparation technology and technical equipment, the company is able to ensure the execution of orders flexibly and quickly by producing any of more than 200 types of products.

The company has 5 premises with technical containers for mass preparation and 7 filling lines equipped with modern prepacking, labelling and packing equipment for purchase of which a co-financing of the European Structural funds was involved in 2007.

The products include high and stable quality, raw materials from several European countries: perfume compositions from France, as well as extracts of natural plants from Latvia.

In order to satisfy the wishes and needs of consumers, the continuous development of the company and the implementation of new projects is an integral part of the daily life of the company. Spodriba chooses environmentally friendly, raw materials in the process of manufacturing and creating new products.