The dawn of JSC Spodriba dates back to 1921 when a footwear cream manufacturing company “Mednis and partners” (“Mednis un biedri”) was founded in Riga. In 1927 the footwear cream won a Grand-Prix prize for distinguished achievements in the exhibition in Paris. At the end of the 20-ties of the previous century this cream was used by approximately 80% of the Latvian population.

Ķīmiskā fabrika J. A. Mednis un Biedri



Spodrība vēsture

In 1940, the factory “Spodriba” was established by merging and nationalizing several other factories.

In 1960, the production units of the factory were moved to Dobele where the new production units and administration premises of the factory were built in the territory of the old mill.

In 1974, “Spodriba”, where at the time approximately 550 employees were working, was included in the society “Latvbithim” which was a component of the USSR company “Sojuzbithim”.

In 1994, the State privatization process started. As a result, the factory SPODRIBA became a joint-stock company.

In 2005, JSC Chemical factory “Spodriba” attracted investors from Iceland which lead to the increase in turnover of the company.

In 2006, Icelandic investors bought the factory.

In 2007, Spodriba launched the new brand identity “Seal”, referencing the animal, and has always been considered as a symbol of water, cleanliness and virgin land. The seal was also a symbol of the previous brand of Spodriba. Another meaning of “seal” relates to “seal stamp”, which expresses the historical meaning of the brand and symbolizes the quality of the products and proof values of the company.

In 2012, the JSC Chemical factory “Spodriba” title was changed to JSC “SPODRIBA”.



Sadzīves ķīmijas un kosmētikas ražotāja AS Spodrība vēsturiskā produkcija

Over time, the assortment of the manufactured products has been expanded and improved. Currently there are two directions of development:

  • The Brand “Seal” offers high quality household chemistry products. Assortments includes cleaning products and detergents for houses and clothing, gardening and other household products. Currently, JSC Spodriba is the largest manufacturer of household chemicals in Latvia.
  • The Brand “Seal Cosmetics” offers quality cosmetic products at competitive prices. Spodriba has been manufacturing body care products for 50 years already and is planning to develop in this field in the near future.