Mission, vision and values

JSC SPODRIBA is one of the companies in Latvia which has stood the times of changes, maintained its activity and successfully started the development process. In the course of time basic values of Spodriba have crystallized on which we base our further progress:

Customer: The basis of our cooperation is formed by wishes and needs of customers. On the basis of them we develop products and create new ones by observing high quality requirements. We are open to your suggestions!

Quality: We tend to be responsible and put forward quality as the most important precondition in manufacturing of products, daily work, cooperation and mutual relations. High quality standards motivate us to constantly improve our work!

Traditions: We have amassed experience of more than 90 years and successfully created products which play an important role at home of several customers. We have retained the ancient skills by adapting them to modern production methods. Sometimes all that is valuable is the old forgotten!

The mission of Spodriba is to create comfortable and pleasant daily life for people by taking care of themselves, their house and environment.

The vision of Spodriba is to become one of the leading manufacturers of high quality detergents and maintenance products in the European market.

The basic tasks set by Spodriba are as follows:

  • To produce high quality and environmentally-friendly detergents, maintenance products and cleaning agents for the people who appreciate quality and take care of the environment
  • To produce high quality products for a competitive price
  • To improve in the field of manufacturing of household chemicals and cosmetics
  • To develop new products with innovative design
  • To create formulas of new products by using the latest research and novelties in the market of raw materials
  • To strengthen identification of the company trademarks
  • To be open and develop successful cooperation with customers
  • To facilitate cohesion of the staff and team spirit to gain success, trust of customers and achieve the set goals